Derby Fund Regulation 2013

1. Organization

             This contest will be organized by: Derby Columbófilo de Riachos (pigeon racing association)

 2. Participants / who can participate?

In this Derby federated Portuguese and foreign pigeon-fanciers may participate.

The young birds in the auction PARTICIPANTS in the Derby 2012 which has just ended, may be purchased and continue in the loft, through new registration fee.

New young birds may also participate, with race ring 2012, aged less than 35 days, giving entry until September 30th.

 3. Conditions and entry fee

  • In this competition only young pigeons with race ring 2012 can participate
  • Entries limited to 5 young pigeons per participant / competitor
  • Entry fee of 100 euros (80 € with young bird  entry and 20€  more in January, if the bird still remains in the loft)
  • Team of five young pigeons entitled to send one more free

 4. Pre-registration

 (Optional) from 01.08.2012 to 30.09.2012. Pre-registration ensures participation in the derby, should the enrolment capacity run out during the enrolment period that runs from August 1st to September 30th inclusive.

5. Pigeons will be basketed only after payment of 100€.

6. Date for reception of young pigeons / accommodation / treatment / means of delivery

  • Young pigeons reception takes place from August 1st to September 30th, 2012 and they must be accompanied by their property title and pedigree with the address and telephone number of the fancier
  • Young pigeons that do not come together with the property title and their pedigree will not be accepted.
  • Delivery will be arranged with the organization through our contacts: 

Association:  249829609 -  from 09:00 pm

João Ferreira:  933431054

António Júlio Sousa:  910271666

Reception will take place at the Columbódromo (special loft to be used for the event) from Friday afternoon to Sunday, up to 4:00 pm.

 The young pigeons that need to get used to their new environment and to accept the loft as their home should be aged between 25 to 35 days and will be staying at the loft of the Derby Columbófilo de Riachos, and their treatment and preparation are responsibility of the Derby Columbófilo de Riachos.

 7.  Losses / Replacement.

 In case of death, invalidity, accident or loss, the young pigeon may be replaced until the end of October, at no additional cost.

 8.  Training calendar / Transportation to training sessions and Race Day:

  •  The training calendar and race day will be timely released.
  •  Transportation to the release points will be made in suitable means of transport.

9. The young birds will run the following races:

3 Speed races

3 Middle distance races

3 Long distance races

 The participant may choose which specialties he wants to participate. If he doesn’t do it, he will participate in the three races.

10. Payment

It may be done by cheque, cash or bank transference to the following account:

IBAN: PT 50 0045 5432 4024 8668 927 74 

NIB: 0045 5432 4024 8668 927 74


 11. Ace Pigeon

Ace pigeon Speed, Long Distance, Middle distance and Absolute.

Ace pigeon Absolute only the pigeon which qualifies in the three specialties.

The clearance for the Ace Pigeon is done by adding points, ranking 20% of the basketed pigeons, according to RDN.

 12. Contests counting for the Derby Fund      

They will timely be disclosed.

 13. Awards

             From 1st to 10th rated in each race: Speed, Middle distance and Long distance:

1st - 50 €

2nd - 40 €

3rd – 30 €

4th - 25 €

5th - 20 €

6th - 10 €

7th - 10 €

8th – 10 €

9th - 10 €

10th - 10 €

These amounts are subject to IRS, tax rate in accordance with CIRS.

 14. Ace Pigeon Awards

             1st to 3rd, Speed, Middle distance and Long distance:

1st   - 125 €

2nd - 62.5 €

3rd  -   25 €  

1st to 3rd, Ace Pigeon Absolute:

1st   - 137.5 €

2nd - 75 €

3rd  -   37.5 €  

These amounts are subject to IRS, tax rate in accordance with CIRS.

The payout table was reduced in proportion to the number of registrations.

15. The pigeons are property of Derby Riachos.

They will be auctioned at the end.

16. Awarding of prizes

Prizes will be delivered on a date to be announced and paid by cheque or bank transference.

Diplomas and amounts payable by cheque will be mailed to the address provided by the participant.